🥑 Who we are

  • Our mission is to build a thriving cooking community for everyone. Whisk is the ultimate cooking app for recipe saving, meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe sharing. With Whisk, you can save, plan, shop, and cook the recipes you love, while also discovering new recipes through Whisk Communities.
  • Whisk is integrated with some of the world’s largest recipe sites like FoodNetwork and BBC Good Food, and recently launched a partnership with TikTok.
  • Whisk has a 4.8 star rating on both iOS and Android stores, was included in Google Play’s Best of 2020 Everyday Essentials, has been featured on the Apple app store numerous times, and was nominated for a 2021 Webby Award. 
  • By leveraging the latest in Machine Learning technology, we use Deep Learning to map millions of data points on food habits, recipes, and store products across the world to provide a more personalized and seamless user experience.
  • Founded in 2012 and acquired by Samsung in March 2019, Whisk is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.
Nick Holzherr, founder & Head of Product, Whisk

😍 Who we look for

  • Experts: We look for the top 5% of talent in the world. We offer inspiring projects to work on, smart teammates, flexible working conditions, and fair pay.
  • Cultural fit: People who fit with our culture and values (more on these below). You must be someone who will thrive in a distributed team (it’s not for everyone!).

🌎 We’re a globally distributed team

Our team lives across the world in different locations, but we all work together remotely. Living in a place that makes us happy is important to us. Here’s what that actually means:

  • The Whisk team is located across the globe from GMT-8 to GMT+9. We have team members based in the UK, US, Russia, Israel, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Korea, and other countries.
  • As a team member, you’re able to work from anywhere you’d like in the world. If you’re in a timezone more than +/- 6 hours GMT, you may need to shift your hours in the evening or early morning.
  • We hold an in-person company retreat every 9-12 months. During COVID, we’ve switched to virtual events but are really looking forward to our next face-to-face meetup! 🙂
Whisk retreat in Florence, 2019

🔥 How we work as a team

As a distributed team, we value processes that help us communicate:

  • For communicating as a team, we use Slack as an internal chat tool and Zoom for video calls.  
  • We use Notion and Google apps (docs, sheets, slides, etc.) for keeping things organized and collaborating.
  • Throughout the year, we host meetings to align our company goals and our work together as a team.
  • Every two weeks we hold a Strategy Update and Demo where we share what’s going well, what’s not, and what new features we’ve been working on.
  • We also host optional bi-weekly meetings for the team to share non-work related updates—whether we’re sharing about a recent trip, introducing new family members and pets, or talking about what books we’re reading or movies we’ve watched.
Whisk Retreat in Florence, 2019

🌟 Our values

These values serve to create a shared understanding of how our team collaborates and builds products together. This philosophical approach is co-created by the team.

We take ownership

  • We proactively seek to solve problems we each see, not assuming that someone else will do so instead. We make sure there are clear decision makers who can balance feedback with decisive action. 
  • We are positive in how we approach situations and seek to get to the best outcome. Embrace learnings, and improve together. We are constantly looking for individual and team improvements, avoiding complacency. If something doesn’t feel right we should call it out.

We move quickly and deliberately

  • What we ship is what matters. The sooner we ship, the sooner we get feedback on our assumptions.
  • We make priorities clear and make clear decisions. When we disagree, we assign a clear ownership and commit. 
  • We start with why and understand user problems. We rely on data to drive decisions and reflect on what we’ve shipped.

We work better together

  • We believe a cross-disciplined team is stronger than any individual. We value our diverse backgrounds, skills, opinions, and approaches. We value working together to co-create, challenge, build upon and validate our ideas.
  • We value transparency, defaulting to open channels and written documentation of our thinking and decisions. We share our goals and work openly with the team and value feedback.
  • We communicate asynchronously where effective to make time zone overlap time available for valuable synchronous communication.
  • We make time to laugh, making time to get to know each other. We celebrate wins and positive moments. Together we win or learn – we celebrate and support each other.
Yes, we have cookies 🙂

We are candid and kind

  • We are direct and honest in our feedback, but follow the 4A model (Aim to Assist, Actionable, Appreciate, Accept or discard)
  • We are timely with our feedback – we don’t wait. But we do take the time to be thoughtful in how we deliver it.