Who we are

  • Whisk.com is the #1 solution powering smart and shoppable food experiences for some of the world’s largest food retailers, publishers and brands.
  • We have clients like BBCGoodFood, Allrecipes, FoodNetwork, Asda/Walmart, Tesco, McCormick and Unilever. Our work is primarily focused round the UK, US and Australia but we do also have integrations across Europe and Asia.
  • Whisk has been featured by top news outlets across the world, including NewsWeek, The Next Web, TechCrunch, The Guardian, BBC.co.uk and others.
  • Whisk relies heavily on Deep Learning (AI) to map millions of data points on users, recipes and store products across the world and to provide recommendations based on this data. By leveraging the latest in Machine Learning technology, Whisk has been able to bring winning solutions to market quickly.
  • Whisk is funded through revenue – the work we do pays our wages. We have also raised more than $2m in external funding along the way.

Who we look for

  • Experts: We look for the top 5% of talent in the world. We offer inspiring projects to work on, smart team-mates, flexible working conditions and fair pay.
  • Cultural fit: People who fit with our culture and Values (see below). You must be someone who will thrive in a distributed team (it’s not for everyone!).

Our vision

Whisk’s mission is to empower people to live happier lives through food.

Whisk goes beyond creating connected experiences for our partners. Through our extensive Food Genome™ and Deep Learning (AI) technology, we analyse millions of recipes to draw out the relationships between ingredients and their properties. This gives Whisk the ability to connect and personalise experiences based individual’s preferences.

In a pre-Internet world, people discovered new music from trusted friends and family, hearing songs on the radio, or reading magazine articles. With the advent of streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, people could suddenly receive personalised suggestions about music they might enjoy based on what they’ve been listening to. Simply put — we believe, in collaboration with partners that share our vision, that we can do the same in food.

We’re a globally distributed team

Our team lives across the world in different locations – we all work together remotely. Living in a place
that makes us happy is important to us. Here’s what that actually means:

  • Whisk has team members across the world – primarily in the UK, US, Europe and Russia.
  • We have an office in Birmingham UK. If you like, you can use that to work from. If you have some team members locally and want to open a local office to you, we’d be open to hearing your plans.
  • As a team member we’re happy for you to work from anywhere you like in the world. If you’re in a timezone more than +/- 8 hours GMT, you might need to shift hours in the evening or early morning.
  • We hold a company retreat every 6-9 months. Everyone who wants to joins us – the last two locations were Budapest and Prague. Whisk pays for your travel costs and we typically spend a week working together – with time to talk about our company and get to know each other.

How we work as a team

As a remote team we value processes that help us communicate:

  • We have a 15 minute all-hands “standup” meeting where everyone shares what they’re working on.
  • The planning team holds “Roadmap” planning meetings every week, which are shared with everyone in the team through an open video stream and are recorded for people who can’t make them.
  • Every two weeks we hold a “Retrospective” – where we share what’s going well and not going well for us personally – and come up with actions to solve things.
  • We use internal chat tools, Google Hangouts and Google docs extensively to talk to each other throughout the day.

Our values

Real company values are the behaviors and skills that we particularly value in fellow employees. As we grow our team we will find people who help us build the culture we aspire to.

  • Self Improvement & Excellence:
    — You learn rapidly and eagerly.
    — You seek to understand our strategy, market, customers.
    — You inspire others with your hunger for excellence.
    — You care intensely about Whisk’s success and you celebrate wins.
  • Customer focus with speed:
    — You focus on the customer, understanding their needs.
    — You validate your activity against customer needs, questioning our current thoughts, offering and processes to make sure we can fulfil what the customer wants.
    — We push things live and test assumptions based on our customers’ actions, not on hypotheses.
  • Communication & Transparency:
    — You listen well, instead of reacting fast, so you can better understand.
    — You understand and communicate a clear vision to everyone.
    — You say what you think even if it is controversial. You are known for candor and directness, but are kind.
    — You share information that can help your team openly, whether negative or positive.