Make Your Content Shoppable with Whisk

Whisk Shoppable Media Links power any content, channel or ad unit making content shoppable

Grow ROI and engagement across your digital paid media with Whisk Shoppable Media

Connect your campaigns to an online and offline cart with the Whisk link builder. Set up links in minutes, configure the optimum user experience for your campaign and convert more sales.

There are three product options that can be combined in many ways:

  1. Add one or more products to one fixed grocery store (example).
  2. Add one or more products to any online grocery store (example).
  3. Shop ingredients on any recipe page, anywhere (example).

Whisk add to cart link builder

All of these add to cart options are configured using the Whisk online link builder which can be used to create and track as many links as you need. This demo shows the most complex link we offer being created.

Analytics and reporting

All the Whisk links can be tracked using Whisk dashboards which are configured for your needs and updated daily.


There are two service models:

For clients who have an existing Whisk Shopping List integration on their web platform and some basic technical capability in their teams, they can use the link builder to create the links themselves.

Plans based on monthly subscription fee.

For clients such as publishers selling advertising to third party clients with no existing recipe integration, we offer a supported solution where data work, link creation and campaign support are required.

Plans based on CPM tech fee with a minimum campaign threshold.

Contact us to find out more.

Results are tracked daily by creative, ad type, channel and shopping action in the custom Whisk dashboard.