Enhance Your Recipe Content with AI-Powered Recipe Tagging and Data Formatting

Save time and money and bring your recipe content up to scratch

Improve search and visibility of your recipe content

Improve search and visibility with Whisk’s data services. Structure and tag your recipes and leverage rich and connected recipe data to build advanced search for your recipe website.

Building a quality user experience relies on more than creating great recipe content and photography; it requires a rigorous approach to the way the content is structured, tagged and micro-formatted.

Without getting these elements right, recipes are hard for search engines and users to find and a recipe nobody views is a lot of time and effort wasted!

Improve search and visibility for your recipes
Apply recipe labels automatically to your recipes

Automate your data work with Whisk’s Food GenomeTM

Identify if a recipe is compatible with a “Mediterranean Diet” or a “Low-Carb Diet” and automatically apply these tags to make it easy to find for users and search engines.

We have built-in capability to understand recipes in detail and automatically apply tags from our selection of hundreds of different recipe types and characteristics: these include cuisine, dish type, seasonality, cooking utensils, cost per serving, diet, cooking difficulty and many more.

Enhance your recipe content by adding nutritional information

Make your recipes helpful and engaging by providing nutritional values for your audience.

The Food GenomeTM contains extensive nutrition datasets which also allows us to analyse any recipe, and calculate its nutritional values. We calculate the profile of the recipe, and supply all the values for a recipe or add tags based on this analysis.

Provide nutritional values for your recipes
Calculate health score for your recipes automatically

Help users identify healthy recipes

We can calculate if a recipe is suitable for someone managing their blood glucose for either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and apply a “Diabetes-Friendly” label. We can calculate the Glycemic Index and add a tag for “Low GI” or provide the actual value for a partner to use in their own icons to display its GI as high medium or low.

Our proprietary “Health Score” uses USDA and UK NHS definitions of healthy food to help users identify healthy and unhealthy recipes.

Keep all recipe tags up to date without the heavy work

Let Whisk’s Recipe Content Enhancement powered by our Food GenomeTM do all the heavy data work for you.

Getting data formatting and tagging right, then keeping it all up to date is time-consuming and often gets overlooked by busy brand, content and culinary teams.

Automated personalisation for each user is easier with tools like Whisk’s Taste360TM

Acurate and complete recipe tagging with Whisk

Get new tags delivered via our API

Another great thing about Whisk’s automated tagging platform is that, as new clients and markets come on board, our ontology, recipe analysis and tagging rules are constantly evolving. As new tags and dietary definitions become available, we update our partners’ content automatically and deliver it via API, or any format you want, so your content constantly refreshes and improves.

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