Increase Loyalty and Consumer Satisfaction with Whisk’s Personalisation and Recommendation Engine

Meet the expectations of today's consumers with smarter recommendations and
personalised experiences at scale.

Drive engagement and conversion with more relevant content

With Whisk’s AI-powered Taste360TM personalisation technology you can drive engagement and conversion with more relevant content and personalised experiences today’s users demand.

Answering the time-honoured question of ‘what’s for dinner’ should be getting easier and easier with the explosion in great recipe content over the last decade, but sadly, the opposite seems to be true. With millions and millions of recipes on the internet the challenge of finding the ‘right’ recipe has become ever harder, and increasingly we find ourselves having to wade through a sea of irrelevant content before we find something we want to try.

Now you can provide personalised experiences easily by using Whisk's  technology.

Offer personalised recipe experiences
Personalise recipe experiences based on user preferences

Personalize content on preferences, behaviours, and context

Whisk understands recipe content from almost half a billion monthly recipe impressions which gives us exceptional insight into the content and ingredients users are viewing and engaging with.

This knowledge allows us to analyse, process and enhance recipe content with great accuracy using our highly-trained AI to deliver smarter, personalised recommendations.

We understand recipes that trend as weather changes. Taste360TM uses weather forecast data for your users' or consumers' geolocated position to predict recipes that match their flavour preferences. Likewise, if they have searched mostly low-carb recipes recently, Taste360TM pushes low-carb recipes higher up their recommendations making it super easy to discover recipes they will enjoy cooking.

Use on landing pages, home page, recipe category pages, and more

Whether you’re using Whisk’s SDK integration on your own website, white-labelling a Whisk experience or powering your own mobile app with Whisk’s APIs, we can deliver personalisation anywhere you want.

We can recognise content that drives higher conversion to a shopping action and promote that higher up the shopping list or prioritise recipes where an item, like chicken thighs, is on promotion at your user's local store.

Recommend similar recipes
Pair food and drinks automatically

Perfect match: offer complimentary dishes or drinks

Whisk can suggest dishes that go well together as well as food and drinks that complement each other.

Delight your users by creating an added value on your website.


100% GDPR Compliant

Our platform is 100% GDPR compliant: we only need anonymised user data to power your recommendations, all your user data remains GDPR compliant, safely within the control of your own security and entirely owned by you.

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