Schwartz recipe ChatBot offers a tasty way to help cooks cut food waste.


Schwartz inspires 20,000 Facebook cooks to use up ingredients with a Whisk powered ChatBot.

Whisk combined thousands of great Schwartz’ recipes with our Food GenomeTM  AI to design a fun way to inspire people to use up old ingredients with personalised recommendations.


Most people plan what they cook at the last minute these days and as a result, our kitchens hide a treasure trove of forgotten herbs, spices & ingredients creaping closer to their sell by dates. Schwartz wondered if there was a fun way they could to help people reduce waste and enjoy new flavours using smarter tech.


Our design team combined the Schwartz brand tone of voice with our Food Genome AI to create a natural chatbot experience with powerful, personalised recipe recommendations under the bonnet. Users can email recipes for the future, shop them online or add them to a shopping list using Whisk Shopping List technology.


  • 3000 recipes recommended using 100,000 ingredients.
  • PR reached large UK audience
  • Roadmap for global rollout of ChatBot.