JusRol "PiePal" Chatbot

Whisk APIs power facebook chatbot to engage 50 000+ users


Jus-Rol, General Mills UK pastry brand, sponsors British Pie Week every year.

In 2018 they wanted to do something different to generate awareness and attract a younger demographic and set Whisk a challenge to build a Facebook Chatbot to integrate across channels and power a PR campaign.

PiePal was born!


Inspire Passionate Foodies to cook pies in the UK with Jus-Rol during British Pie Week and beyond

  • Drive frequency of purchase
  • Drive brand share v OL
  • Design, build and launch in 4 weeks

The solution

  • Ingest JusRol’s recipe collection
  • Generate automatic recipe tags and filter on pie recipes.
  • Create a simple, engaging chatbot user experience to find the perfect pie recipe
  • Integrate in the website
  • Drive traffic from paid social, email and PR

The results

50 000 target consumers engaged with the chatbot: +500% v target

Sales actions increased by +167% month on month