Global Grocery Giant

Whisk API solves data challenges for one of the the world’s largest grocers, making their recipe content seamlessly shoppable Giant

In 2016, a global grocery giant integrated Whisk on their recipe site to link all their content to the basket. Before this a whole data team had been continually struggling to accurately keep up with changing recipe ingredients and UPC data.


Our partner was investing in great food and recipe content but linking it to the latest store items was burning hours of resource for their data teams to manually manage.


Whisk built a custom API using our Food GenomeTM AI to automatically match ingredients to store items.

Whisk’s solution keeps all recipe & UPC data continually in sync with zero manaul input and offers a seamless and fully branded retail experience.


  • 250% higher CTR than standard shopping list integrations
  • Drives $000s new sales & eCommerce traffic every month
  • Saved the team significant manual data classification work through AI-powered automation.