Major US CPG Brand Makes Their Recipes Shoppable

When a major US CPG brand asks you to make one of the world’s biggest recipe websites shoppable at Walmart Grocery just before the peak holiday shopping period starts, it really focuses the mind!

Key results


activated shopping list value estimated to date is in millions of dollars


Tens of thousands grocery items shopped every month


Tens of thousands shopping lists created each month uses Whisk shopping list


Shortly before Holidays in 2017, a major US CPG brand came to Whisk, impressed by our unique integration with Walmart Grocery and asked us to integrate their website - in a very short period.

Our Walmart Grocery (OGP) integration had launched some time before and was producing great results for other partners in the US, so we were in a good position to support this brand as well.

However, the challenge of ingesting and brand matching the whole website was substantial as this particular company owns many diverse brands and SKUs which required extensions of our Food Genome ontologies and AI NLP models to support algorithmically.


The team were engaged and highly responsive so we were able to launch in good time for Christmas to take advantage of the festive sales surge, driving brand sales and ROI.

They also passed Whisk their affiliate codes so we were able to help them monetise their recipe content with the major grocers and the value of initiated carts drove substantial sales over the Holiday period.

After the success of the recipe integration we were able to extend the Whisk service to make all the product pages shoppable as well and we now provide WhiskConnect links that they use to make their social content, emails and display ads shoppable driving sales and brand preference across the ecosystem. uses Whisk for their product pages

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Whisk’s Technology Highlights

The process we went through in a little over a fortnight was to:

  • Rebrand the Whisk buttons and store list to match the brand site
  • Tweak the user journey to suit their preferred experience
  • Ingest thousands of recipes and understand tens of thousands of ingredients and SKUs
  • Train algorithms to match every brand product to a Walmart or Peapod store SKU / UPC (AmazonFresh and Instacart came later)
  • Set brand lock rules for the entire portfolio of SKUs to ensure only branded products are matched in the experience.

  • Buttons and store lists match brand site
  • User journey to suit preferred experience
  • Brand lock rules


Product used

Whisk Shopping List  • Whisk Shoppable Media


United States


Whisk shopping list on website

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