Bacofoil uses contextual targeting to land their very specific product benefits


Not all foils are made equal but it’s not an easy thing to explain. Whisk helped Bacofoil deliver simple, clear product benefits in the perfect recipes to make sense. For example, a non-stick foil becomes so important when you remember finding pieces of aluminium foil in your burrito!


Raise awareness of the real value of using a quality parchment paper or strong aluminium foil that doesn’t fall apart and ruin your cooking.


Target 5 complementary ad units against baking and roasting recipes such as Banana Bread, Christmas Pudding or Glazed Roast Ham.

Optimise the creative and targeting to effectively hone the message and content targeting and deliver exceptional engagement.


  • 500k people reached
  • 86% improvement in engagement through iterations in engagement
  • 7x standard CTR rates with highest engagement around baking cakes