Allrecipes choose Whisk to make recipes shoppable across 6 markets – winning new business and growing margins.


AllRecipes are the world’s biggest international recipe website featuring over 100,000 recipes in 12 markets. Integrating Whisk has attracted new clients and WhiskAds has helped them grow CPMs by up to 16x


Allrecipes knew that making their content shoppable & their ads more targeted would make them more attractive to advertisers around the world.

Providing a seamless offline and online shopping experience in each market was attractive but too complex and expensive to build a bespoke solution themselves.


In just 3 months, Whisk’s automated technology had connected 100,000 recipes across 6 markets in multiple languages to offline and online shopping lists.

Whisk also provided a native ad solution featuring advanced targeting, from ingredient level to demographics, and which today command CPM rates 20x standard display.


  • 9 sites, 6 languages and 100,000 recipes integrated in less than 3 months.
  • Virtually no involvement from AllRecipes IT & seamlessly integrated into AllRecipes ad-house processes.
  • 20x CPM vs. average through WhiskAds native shopper marketing offering