Allrecipes + Woolworths

The world’s #1 recipe site chose Whisk to fuel their partnership with the #1 grocer in Australia



Allrecipes Australia, with their partner Pacific Magazines, had the opportunity to pen a significant, year long partnership with Woolworths. The #1 grocer was looking for opportunities to drive majority market share in the emerging, Australian eCommerce grocery business over their primary competitor.


Leveraging the Whisk shopping list already on, Allrecipes looked to Whisk to seamlessly enable an exclusive, omni-channel shopping experiences with Woolworths, connecting inspiration, planning purchase.  Whisk also partnered with Allrecipes and Pacific to bring bespoke, AI-driven solutions to connect inspiration and promotion.


With Whisk, Allrecipes delivers

  • An average of 2.7M shoppable recipes and over 11K shopping list engagements per month
  • Activated shopping lists (eCommerce, email, print) with an estimated value of almost $5M per year.

“There is no doubt that Whisk’s superior platform and flexible, nimble, and highly innovative team was THE main driver in cementing the multi-year Allrecipes & Woolworths strategic partnership. Not only does the Whisk platform deliver the smartest food experiences in the industry, the Whisk team consistently delivers with speed, simplicity, and confidence.”

— Larisa Sheckler, Allrecipes Sr. Director Global Revenue Operations

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