Sponsor Your Products with the Power of Food AI

Maximize sales and control costs with highly relevant and targeted product suggestions that support users’ grocery planning and shopping. Provide useful product information across 500 million monthly recipe impressions seen throughout your users’ whole shopping journey.

Grab the attention of your perfect shopper with Whisk

Whisk Sponsored Products influence the path to purchase by serving product information that is relevant, useful, and doesn’t interrupt the shopping journey.


Precision Targeting

Serve highly targeted and relevant product information to users based on featured ingredients, cuisines, wine pairings, and more.

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Placement Options

Reach hundreds of millions of shoppers throughout their shopping journey with useful product information.

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Different Ad Units

Get the best out of sponsored products by choosing the product unit that grabs your shopper’s attention.

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Influence the path to purchase

Whisk Sponsored Products help you get in front of a new audience with valuable product information that is connected to purchase.

Reach new audiences

Access Whisk’s Open Food Platform, putting your products in front of a highly engaged audience from the point of recipe inspiration to the point of purchase.

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Sponsored Products on Recipe Pages

Create value for users

Sponsored products won’t interrupt the user’s shopping journey, but will complement it. Create value for users at the point of purchase by serving only relevant product information.

Connect inspiration to purchase

Measure marketing ROI and connect the dots between awareness and conversion, whether online or offline.


Whisk Sponsored Product

Reach new shoppers and influence the path to purchase today

Use precision targeting and AI to create a personalized experience for consumers and higher conversion for your brand.