Powerful shopping lists tools, out of the box, integrated anywhere

Instantly make your recipe content & products shoppable.


The recipe reader’s favourite shopping list

Whisk is used on more than 1,000,000 published recipes around the world. The user experience has been developed over 7 years working with the large recipe publishers. It comes with advanced features as standard.

Plug and play simplicity

The Whisk Instant Shopping List works with any recipe or product, instantly. AI-powered algorithms parse ingredients and products, extracting what is needed and in what quantity.


Omnichannel and eCommerce enabled

Users can purchase lists at online grocery retailers local to them (US, UK & AU). Every item is automatically matched to the right store product. Users can also take lists into store by printing lists, emailing them or using their mobile device.

Universal shopping list

One connection into Whisk and recipe publishers are automatically connected into all current and future grocery retailers. Recipes are added into a single, universal shopping list that a user can access on any site and shop anywhere.


Deeply integrated Shopper Marketing, Out of the Box (optional)

Use WhiskAds to sell advanced shopper marketing solutions to your clients. Targeted to purchase intent, ads display on recipes and follow users through the shopping list journey into the offline or online store purchase.

Advanced Reporting

See how users interact with the shopping list in real time and segment by timeframes, devices or geography.


We’ve got you covered

Through working with the largest recipe publishers, grocery retailers and food manufacturing brands
across the world we’ve probably already build all the features you want.


Brand Lock

Create rules that prioritise own or exclude competitor brands from automated matches.

Retailer Selection

Display one or only a select number of retailers.

Custom affiliate codes

Add custom affiliate codes from retailers.

User profiles data sharing

Use Shopping List data to enrich user profiles in your DMP.

Custom branding

We can change change colours, logos and even show/hide certain features within minutes.

Custom retail integrations

Let Whisk integrate new eCommerce retails on your behalf.


Automatically puts ingredients into the right category.

Advanced integration methods

Shopping List integration options for single items, meal plans, AMP (Accelerated Media Page) content and more.

Display customisation

Choose to have the experience show in a lightbox or slide-out.

Integrate with video, social and email

Add Whisk’s shopping list to any content - whether it’s a video, social post or email. Integration is easy so anyone in your team can do it.

Local options, global connectivity

Users see eCommerce retailers local to them through Whisk’s global network. Users not in the US, AU and UK automatically see in-store purchase features.

Combined Ingredients

Combines similar ingredients from different recipes together.

Smart Scaling

Allows users to scale recipes according to portion size.

Integration options


Turnkey integration

Time: 5-10 minutes

Drop one line of code into your website template.

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Copy & Paste Plugins

Time: 30 minutes

Copy & paste Plugins (code snippets) into your website to add blocks of smart functionality to existing pages.


API Integration

Time: Days, weeks or months depending on project size.

Power entire features or applications using Whisk’s technology.

For all integration options: your recipes can be in any format. Products are matched to store items instantly.

Use cases


Shopping list for publishers

Connect every recipe to as many purchase options as are available. It all works.

Shopping list for brand owners

Brand the shopping list to fit with with the brand site and use Brand Lock to prioritise your brand from shopping list to cart and default to preferred retailers.

Shopping list for retailers

Connect existing recipes to existing products at store. Prioritise preferred brands and lock out other retailers.

Success stories


BBC Good Food

UK’s #1 food site chooses Whisk for shopping lists and eCommerce

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Whisk connects the world’s biggest herb & spice business to shopping lists & eGrocers.

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Allrecipes choose Whisk to make recipes shoppable across 6 markets – winning new business and growing margins.

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