This page contains information and links about how Whisk and GDPR, how Whisk tracks and stores data, and how to contact us with queries regarding your data or to delete from Whisk. Read all our FAQs about security and privacy here

We protect your data

All data transmitted and stored in Whisk is served to and from your browser under SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). Connections are encrypted and authenticated using AES-128 with ECDHE as the key exchange mechanism.

Where we store your data

Whisk uses Google Cloud infrastructure. With the Google Cloud Platform, Whisk takes advantage of the Google security model built on over 15 years of experience focused on keeping customers safe on Google applications like Gmail, Search and other Apps. Google employs more than 550 full-time security and privacy professionals, including some of the world’s foremost experts in information, application and network security. They employ a 24x7 security team on hand. You can read more about Google’s security here.

All Whisk data is stored on Datacenters located in Europe, in Belgium and U.K. Read more about Google's Global Locations.


We have regular backups for all our data and have a replication/redundancy setup so there are multiple servers that store the data in case of failure.

Contact us if you have any security questions.