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Quickly get the editable text from scanned recipes using your phone’s camera and our recipe scanner. Scan photos of your grandmother’s recipes and add these family treasures to your collection! Digitize recipes from printed books, photos, recipe cards, pdf recipe files, and more.

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One-Step Click to Scan

Simplify your recipe digitization process with a one-step click to scan process. We’ll do the rest.

Easily Edit Recipes

Use the recipe builder to update ingredients, instructions, and add a photo!

Create Shopping Lists & Meal Plans

Sync recipes to the Whisk app to create shopping lists or add to a meal plan.


Can I scan multi-page recipes?

Yes! To start, snap a photo of the first page of your recipe. After you’ve done so, you should see an icon labeled “Add page” on the bottom right of the screen. Click that and you should see a bottom bar pop up with a frame containing a “+” sign. Just tap that “+” and you should be able to add as many pages for the recipe as you need.

Do I have to manually copy the recipe over to Whisk?

No! We sync your recipes to your Whisk account automatically so you can enjoy the full suite of features Whisk offers such as meal planning, health scoring, etc.

To get to Whisk from Scan to Whisk, open a saved recipe and at the bottom, you should see a button labeled “Open in Whisk”. By clicking this button, you should be taken over to your Whisk version of the recipe either via app (if Whisk is installed) or browser.

My recipe is oddly formatted and it doesn’t look like the app picked up a lot of the info. What should I do?

Our default scanner tries to figure out the different parts of your recipe automatically. However, sometimes recipes are stylized or formatted in a way that’s hard for us to automatically recognize.

Once you’ve tried the default auto-scan option, you’ll be taken to the Edit screen where you should see an option at the bottom labeled “Didn’t work? Try manual scan”. This will take you back to the image, where you can designate each area of the recipe manually (i.e. Title, Ingredients, Instructions) with the “Add area” button. This may help us better understand your recipe.

I tried the one-touch scan and the manual scan option, but the app still got my text wrong. What should I do?

While we strive for 100% accuracy, there are times where we won’t get a recipe completely correct. We might get a fraction or other character wrong, or we might put an instruction in the wrong place.

To help, we try to highlight potential areas where errors might occur, and also offer you the chance to edit the recipe and correct or fill in any missing info.

I downloaded the app, but when I go to take a photo I just see a spinning wheel instead of the camera view. How can I fix this?

Usually, this occurs because the app doesn’t have permission to access your camera.

If you’re using an iOS device, go to your Settings –> Privacy –> Camera and ensure that Scan to Whisk is toggled on.

Can I scan handwritten recipes?

You are welcome to scan handwritten recipes. However, do note that our app is optimized for typewritten recipes. If you do scan a handwritten recipe, you may have to spend a bit more time in the editing stage, but we hope to save you at least a little extra time than over conventional typing from scratch.

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