The rise of online and digital channels has greatly impacted grocery retailing. With forecasts projecting that the UK grocery market value will be worth £200.6bn in 2020, a 13.0% increase on 2015, food brands and retailers are looking to innovate quickly to maximise commercial opportunities in a growth channel.

On 20 October at IGD Online & Digital Summit in London, Nick Holzherr, founder and CEO of, and Ian Clifford, EMEA Ecommerce Director of McCormick/Schwartz, will share insights into technologies that enhance non-ecommerce paths to purchase to optimise fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consumer package goods (CPG) digital advertising campaigns.

Holzherr and Clifford will discuss their successful partnership for the launch of WhiskConnect, a new advertising platform that gives food brands the much sought-after ability to link all marketing activity — including advertising, video content, social media campaigns, dedicated web content, offline print ads and packaging — through to their site and onto a brand purchase.

As seen in the WhiskConnect video, the platform makes any brand content shoppable — instantly. From any ad, page or video, WhiskConnect presents a transactional shopping list directly on the brand’s site, enabling users to click through to online grocery shopping purchases either in-store or online.

WhiskConnect presents a significant opportunity for brands to engage with prospective shoppers throughout their journey and ultimately, enable them to add products to their shopping list or online shopping basket without leaving a brand’s website.

Ian Clifford commented: “At McCormick, we wanted to find a way to ensure that every interaction with our brand offered consumers the opportunity to connect to our website. We also wanted to give prospective shoppers the ability to add our products to their basket or list easily without leaving our website. It was important to find a cost-effective way to do this and with little outside assistance, as our media, video and social content is updated frequently. Finally, it was critical that we test and learn quickly – so understanding which links were working best in real-time was a must. WhiskConnect now helps us do all this”.

Whisk was also nominated by IGD as a finalist for its Digital Engagement award. The award celebrates excellence within the FMCG marketplace and showcases companies who use digital marketing in an engaging or innovative way to build brand interaction, sales and loyalty.

IGD is a leading source of information and best practice on the food and consumer goods industry worldwide. The two-day IGD Online & Digital Summit held in London — 20-21 October 2015 — brings together grocery retailers, FMCG brands and food tech companies to discuss latest global disruptions and innovations in online food shopping and multichannel retailing.

About Whisk is a leading recipe finder and free shopping list app that makes the journey from online recipe inspiration and meal planning to real-life shopping a whole lot easier. Whisk works with recipe publishers to link shoppers to hundreds of thousands online recipes. Alongside these online recipes, Whisk seamlessly displays a “Create a Smart Shopping List” button that allows people to quickly make a digital shopping list from any recipe.

Whisk makes food brand content connected and transactional. Whisk uses native advertising on recipe content. The company intelligently places relevant ads across the shopper’s path to purchase, giving brands the ability to showcase branded products next to recipe ingredients. At the heart of Whisk’s food advertising platform is the ability to intelligently target individual ingredients or types of recipes. FMCG and CPG brands use Whisk to place engaging native ads for contextually-relevant offers and products across the shopper’s path. Whisk’s native advertising campaigns typically drive 10-20x higher engagement over average food ads (DoubleClick/Google’s CTR Standard rates).

Whisk accolades include a Cisco British Innovation Gateway award, Top 50 UK Startups, The Grocer’s “Top New Talent” award and the PPA Digital “Newcomer of the Year” award. Whisk has been featured in leading publications including The Guardian, The Independent, BBC,Wired, Newsweek, The Grocer, Internet Retailing, Food Manufacturer and The Next Web.

The Whisk app was recently featured as one of the “Best New Apps” in the Apple App Stores’ Food and Drink category. Whisk’s free supermarket shopping list app is currently available for download on the Apple iTunes and Android App Stores. It is also available as a browser plug-in.

Whisk was launched in January 2013 and was founded by Nick Holzherr, who raised funding for the venture after pitching the business to Lord Sugar as a finalist on the 2012 BBC TV series The Apprentice. Whisk is headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


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