Cookie Policy

We use cookies to identify users and track a number of their preferences. These are all first-party cookies stored and transmitted securely


We use a cookie to track the identity of our users, such that they may recover their lists. This is a long-lived cookie rather than a session cookie.


We store user preferences inside cookies to retain the choice of user language, regions, and preferred supermarkets (where online checkout is available).

Display preferences

We use a number of long-lived cookies to track some user-interface settings, such as whether the user has already seen tutorial materials.

Third-party cookies

We use a number of third-party tools to track user behaviour within Whisk, so we can see which functionality our users are using, and whether or not they are having issues with it.

Google Analytics
Used to track generic page-view behaviour within Whisk.

Used to track specific events generated by interaction with Whisk.