Cognitive Food Platform

The world’s most advanced AI food engine.


Leverage the power of the Food Genome™

Whisk’s Food Genome maps the world’s food ingredients, their relationships. their properties (nutrition, perishability, flavour, categories) and food purchase options. It’s a combination of this deep ontological understanding of food with massive data about user behaviour that drives accurate, smart results at scale.

Deep-learning driven Data Mapping

Whisk algorithmically maps recipe, store and other food data onto the Food Genome using Deep 
Learning-Based Natural Language Processing. For our partners this means that our platform can be 
leveraged regardless of what format your data is in.

Highly Scalable
Works across over 2m recipes and products every day.

Real Time
Understands recipes seconds after they are published and always up to date with latest store product changes.

The most accurate solution in the market. Fresh or Frozen? Branded or Non-Branded? Expensive or Cheap?


Meet the Taste360™ Personalisation Engine

Whisk’s Taste360™ engine combines user data from preferences (e.g. allergy), behaviour (e.g. liked
recipes) and context (e.g. weather) to deliver smarter, personalised content recommendations.