Monetize your food content

Turn inspiration into action and grow revenue
by making recipes instantly shoppable and
incorporating in context promotions.


Shoppable Recipes

Turn recipes into grocery lists that can be shopped at retailers worldwide. Earn fees from retailers and help your readers transform ‘looks delicious’ into ‘tastes delicious.’

Simple to integrate

Incorporate a simple line of code to make your site shoppable in a day.

Precise product matching

Whisk’s robust Food Genome means that recipe ingredients are matched to the right product so that your reader is never disappointed.

Omnichannel and e-commerce enabled

Users can instantly check out with online grocers for delivery or pickup, or take lists into store via print and mobile.


Shoppable Media

Create food-focused content that’s instantly shoppable via social media, video, display, and print. Earn a fee for every purchase and create content that keeps your audience clicking.

Incorporate anywhere

Add a custom link to social or promotional content across platforms for a smart way to make your content work harder.

Brand tailored

Branded check-out experience that only supports the purchase of your brand’s products.

Detailed performance overviews

Track campaign effectiveness through reports detailing engagement and purchase intent.


Sponsored Products

Promote food and beverage products alongside your content and generate new revenue through the items that your customers are already considering.

Highly contextual targeting

Target promotions based on ingredient, meal-type, cooking technique, and cuisine.

Lower funnel solution

Offer brand partners full funnel solutions including ads that target consumers at the moment of consideration.

Intuitive placement

Unobtrusive ad units live in multiple places on the consumer path to purchase for greater revenue opportunity.