Webinar: Navigating the New Digital-First Path to Purchase

In this webinar, a panel of experts from Kroger, McCormick and Discovery discussed how the grocery consumer journey has changed recently and how they are responding to these new consumer behaviors.

This webinar was recorded on June 24, 2020


Jody Kalmbach explains how consumers’ food journey has shifted since the beginning of the year and how Kroger responded to that shift.

Chris Mainenti provides several examples of initiatives launched by Discovery to create value for customers along the entire journey.

Tom Rowe shares his point of view about how – and if – McCormick can compete with companies such as Google and Amazon when it comes to data.

About the Webinar

Even before COVID19, there were many signals that the grocery consumer journey was evolving but due to current events, the evolution of today’s path-to-purchase has accelerated dramatically. Recipes are more relevant than ever. Planning ahead is a priority. In this discussion, we spoke with leaders in grocery, publishing and CPG about exactly how consumer behavior has changed, implications and why going nowhere can be so full of possibilities. 

Who should see this Webinar? 

CPG marketers, grocery marketers, brand managers, publishers, agencies, consultants and anyone interested in learning how to influence and engage across today’s evolving path-to-purchase


Jody Kalmbach

Vice President, Product Experience

Tom Rowe

Sr Manager Digital Marketing Operations

Chris Mainenti

Director of Commerce Strategy


Ben Pashman