Influence the
path to purchase

Drive sales across the entire food journey
by reaching your customers where and
when they’re inspired.

Influence the path to purchase


Sponsored Products

Promote your food products, beverages, and cooking supplies alongside relevant recipes and influence purchase decisions from the moment of inspiration to the point of purchase.

Recipe-level targeting

Target promotions based on ingredient, meal-type, technique, and cuisine.

Influence the path to purchase

Promote in multiple places, from the original recipe to shopping list, both online or off, for multiple opportunities to impact purchase decisions.

Detailed performance overviews

Track campaign effectiveness through reports detailing clicks and purchase intent.


Shoppable Products

Enable consumers to instantly purchase your products from grocers globally. Earn more without the challenge of developing your own e-commerce solution.

Simple to integrate

Incorporate a simple line of code to make your site shoppable in a day.

Broad grocer network

Users can purchase products from premier grocers around the world including Walmart, Tesco, and Instacart.

Detailed performance overviews

Track effectiveness through reports detailing clicks and purchase intent.


Grocer Integration

Integrate your grocery retailer with Whisk’s ecosystem of publishers, brands, smart appliances, and devices and reach more people in more places.

Instant integration

Join the Whisk ecosystem and facilitate checkouts from premier recipe sites, Samsung smart devices, branded content, and the Whisk consumer experience.

Prioritize preferred brands

Fill carts with your store’s prioritized brands strengthening existing partnerships.

Precise product matching

Accurately match your inventory to recipe ingredients, creating a frictionless shopping experience.