Personalize food experiences

Whisk is the intelligent platform for connecting recipes and products to shopping and cooking.


Universal User Profile

Access Whisk’s Open Food Platform and allow users to pull in their recipes, preferences, and shopping lists, giving them a seamless experience across the entire food journey.

Simple sign-in

Utilize secure authentication protocols to link Whisk user information to your platform.

User food preferences

Access user “favorites” and “nevers” to create experiences that drive engagement again and again.

Holistic insights

Learn about your user’s attitudes and behaviors beyond your platform to create experiences that meet their comprehensive needs.


Recipe Feed

Provide recipes based on your user’s likes, dislikes and what they’ve cooked up in the past for inspiration that they won’t be able to resist.

Easy content sourcing

Utilize your own or license content from the ecosystem of Whisk publisher partners

Simple integration

Incorporate the Recipe Feed into any experience via provided APIs to create a personalized experience

Unique curation

Filter recipes by health attributes, type of cuisine, relevant holidays and cooking technique to deliver exactly what your readers are looking for


Meal Planning

Create recurring menus tailored to your user’s specific needs and preferences and be top of mind during every meal made.

Health minded

Create plans that can help the user meet health goals or adhere to dietary restrictions

Choose your content

Utilize your own content or pull from a vast array of licensed partners.

Routine at the ready

Autogenerate plans based on user preferences to keep them coming back