Create smarter,

Increase engagement with data enriched
recipes, smarter searches and experiences
rooted in data-powered insights.


Data Enrichment

Add detailed nutritional information and descriptive labels to food content for more accurate search and informed cooking experiences.

Health Score

Augment recipes with holistic assessment of healthiness based on USDA and National Health Service Guidelines.

Many ways to curate

Label food content with tags such a cuisine, cooking technique, or relevant holidays.

Machine learning enabled

Trained on millions of recipes, labels are applied seamlessly to all new content for smarter search and recommendations.


Content Structuring

Optimize existing food content for use across the web including search and custom curation.

Precise parsing

Recipes are structured for accurate analysis, leading to better store matching.

Highly scalable

Create templates that work across almost all recipes and 100,000s of products.

Multi-platform usage

Allows content to be accessed from a wide variety of platforms and applications, including voice assistants, search engines, and guided cooking experiences.



Utilize Whisk’s detailed analysis of robust ingredient, product, and meal data information to illuminate everything from promotion to innovation strategy.

Global reach

Gain a far-reaching perspective on recipe and ingredient attitudes and behaviors from a worldwide network of recipe publishers, grocers and Whisk apps.

Track influence

Learn how opinions are shaped throughout the decision-making journey to better understand when and where to devote marketing dollars.

Recipe reports

Identify trends in ingredients, techniques, and dish types before they become mainstream to inform product development and new offerings.