We are delighted to win the Ascensia Diabetes Challenge for our Digital Dietician proposal to help in the fight against type 2 diabetes. To win against 114 entrants and six very strong finalists in a two day assessment is a fantastic vote of confidence in Whisk’s technology and team! We look forward to helping a lot of people enjoy healthier, more delicious new foods!

June 22, 2018. Orlando, FL – Ascensia Diabetes Care today announced Whisk, the world’s smartest food platform, has been selected as the winner of the global Ascensia Diabetes Challenge during the American Diabetes Association’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, FL.

Whisk’s smart food platform creates smarter food experiences that help users make healthy, informed decisions by enabling them to select recipes based on the many factors that influence behaviour, including their personal taste preferences, time constraints, budgets and dietary restrictions or allergies. The platform analyzes and connects millions of data points using AI and deep learning to understand user preference and make smarter, healthier recommendations, making it easy to find and trust the best, nutritionally tailored recipe and then shop for the ingredients in-store or online.

Whisk’s solution was selected from 116 entries that were submitted to the challenge from 25 countries. The platform will expand into the management of type 2 diabetes and will provide personalized nutritional support. Whisk will receive €100,000 to build and pilot the new functionality for people with type 2 diabetes, and will work closely with Ascensia Diabetes Care to bring it to patients.

“Nutrition and food selection is a huge component of type 2 diabetes management. The panel of judges and I were hugely impressed by Whisk’s current tool and how they plan to develop it for people with type 2 diabetes.” said Michael Kloss, CEO and President of Ascensia Diabetes. “By helping people with type 2 diabetes find personalized and tailored meal recommendations that are based on their own blood glucose data and food preferences, we have the potential to empower millions of people with type 2 diabetes to make healthier choices with what they eat.” 

The Whisk digital solution for Ascensia is being specifically developed to help people with type 2 diabetes make better nutritional choices. The aim is to create smarter food experiences to make healthy, informed meal selections, taking into account the many factors that influence both their diabetes and their food choices. The app will use blood sugar data to train Whisk’s AI to power personalised nutrition recommendations that support individual needs. Users will be able to see how their blood glucose readings react to specific foods, allowing them to build a tailored meal plan based on how foods affect their diabetes. The app will also expand to include convenience foods and menus at restaurants, providing a complete set of options for users. 

We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the winner of the Ascensia Diabetes Challenge. Type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic levels in recent years, and at Whisk we are excited to be building a solution that we feel can help support these patients,” said Nick Holzherr, Whisk Founder and CEO “ We hope that through our work with Ascensia Diabetes Care, we can help to change the way this condition is managed.

– Nick Holzherr, Whisk

Whisk’s core technology uses extensive food ontology known as the Food Genome™, incorporates and understands macro and micro-nutritional data, flavor compounds, store availability, price and promotions. Whisk’s Food Genome maps the world’s food ingredients, their relationships. their properties (nutrition, perishability, flavour, categories) and food purchase options. It’s a combination of this deep ontological understanding of food with massive data about user behaviour that drives accurate, smart results at scale.