Tesco is the #3 largest grocer in the world. They chose Whisk to create engaging experience for their consumers in time for Christmas.


As part of Tesco’s “Everyone’s Welcome” Campaign, the Real Food team wanted to help solve a challenge facing most households this Christmas: how to create amazing Christmas food while catering for various dietary requirements of your guests and make them feel welcome.

As vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets continue to grow in popularity and time gets ever more squeezed, cooks still want to delight traditional tastes. Giving everyone the perfect Christmas is a challenge: a perfect challenge for smart technology! Cedar, Tesco’s content agency, invited Whisk to work on their Festive Menu Helper App and we were delighted to help. The web app helps cooks plan the perfect Christmas food for everyone.


Users sign in, add their guests and dietary preferences, then get tailored recipe and product suggestions for starters, mains, sides and desserts. Once each unique menu is complete, a Whisk button allows users to create an easy to use shopping list to take in store or add ingredients to an order online.

Tesco Festive Menu Helper App

Whisk’s Technology Highlights

Whisk’s AI-powered product matching technology meant that Tesco were able to be very specific on the exact items that they wanted to match. This accuracy of store item matching helps grocers like Tesco focus content on product lines with best consumer appeal, universal distribution and robust stock levels across all stores.

With additional support from the Whisk data team using our versatile admin panel, we were also able to fine tune and create specific matching rules to accommodate additional preferences such as Organic or Free Range. Altogether, this level of attention to detail is what creates smoother, more engaging user experiences which in turn maximises the ROI from their high-quality content.

  • Accuracy of store item matching
  • Specific matching rules accommodating additional preferences
  • Smoother, more engaging user experiences