Schwartz needed proof that Whisk drove hard sales and positive ROI – with IRI’s help, we found it.


In the battle for share against Own Label spices, Schwartz knew recipe views drove category sales but could well-targeted, native recipe ads help switch own label buyers back to Schwartz – and critically deliver a strong ROI.


We partnered with research house IRI to measure real EPOS sales in a test and control region for a month. We worked with Schwartz to create individual ads for quality claims on 12 herbs and spices.

All other marketing activity was stopped while the ads were seen in one of the two regions and IRI compared sales. The results showed a staggering shift in sales to Schwartz worth $2.50 for every $ of marketing spend.


  • $2.50 ROI
  • 5% lift in Schwartz sales
  • Category value growth
  • With just a 4 figure test budget