I’m delighted to introduce the Open Food Platform, which will provide a way for Whisk users to quickly and easily save and access all their Shopping Lists, Saved Recipes, and food preferences.

Any shopping list, recipe box, or recipe website that integrates with the Open Food Platform will seamlessly sync user details so long as the user is logged in with the same credentials. That will enable users to add something to a shopping list on one website and have it magically appear in their shopping list on other websites and apps that they use. The same will be true for saved recipes, personal food preferences, and any other food data they save to the Open Food Platform.

The Open Food Platform builds upon much of the work Whisk has been doing since our inception. Many of the world’s largest recipe publishers, grocery retailers, CPG brands, health companies, and IoT providers have already chosen to leverage Whisk’s platform to connect with each other.

With this launch, we’re creating new ways to connect into our marketplace, creating a revenue share model that benefits all players and makes it more transparent for partners who contribute to or pull data from the platform.

We have scaled Whisk from partnering with a single recipe blog in 2011 that had 25,000 monthly impressions to power 500 million monthly impressions today. In that time we’ve learned that creating a connected experience and bringing together many parts of the food ecosystem leads to higher conversion for all. And driving conversions to purchase is ultimately what our business partners look for. The more partners join our Open Food Platform, the more everyone wins.

By joining Samsung, we believed we would be better positioned to deliver on our mission to help businesses build integrated, intelligent, and meaningful food experiences for consumers — and to unlock new ways of adding value to our partners and users.

I’m delighted that in less than 5 months we’ve started delivering on that, with the addition of Samsung hardware to the Open Food Platform. Today at IFA, Samsung showed both Bixby and Samsung’s Family Hub smart refrigerators will be part of our platform. For users – this means that if you’ve created a shopping list or saved a recipe anywhere across the Open Food Platform – you’ll be able to access and add to them on Bixby and Family Hub.

But this is just the start of an exciting partnership. I look forward to sharing more updates in the coming months.

If you’re a developer and would like to work with Whisk – you can read our documentation at developers.whisk.com or sign up for details here.