Whisk’s healthy eating platform helps Health Exchange provide support for pre-diabetes patients.

Health Exchange provides counselling for thousands of people referred to them for support after a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Finding a great selection of healthy recipes that are tasty and suit, their dietary avoidances and budget can be a key challenge for Health Exchange clients so they asked Whisk to build an innovative nutrition platform to help.


Help people make sustainable behaviour change removing friction from the process of finding, shopping and cooking new foods especially those recently diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes.


Tell healthexchangerecipes.com about your favourite foods, dietary avoidances and preferences and Whisk selects healthy recipes personalised for you.

Selected from thousands of recipes to be nutritionally rich, tasty and “healthy”, based on USDA and NHS guidelines Whisk can also provide a cost per serving to help shoppers on a budget.

Add recipes to a weekly meal planner and all the ingredients can be added to a cart and delivered to your door with just a few clicks.

The platform works on desktop and mobile and for people who don’t want to shop online, you can also print or email shopping lists to help you shop in any store and compare prices before you go.


Whisk worked with Health Exchange coaches to integrate the platform into their group sessions and 121 consultations across their 6 month programme starting in June 2018.

Health Exchange Quick Demo

The programme has been set up to target test and control cells so we will be able to compare results directly between users and non-users. We will also collect case studies and testimonials as well as user feedback to improve the platform.

Initial feedback has been strong with the coaches particularly surprised by the engagement of older clients. First quantitative results are expected late 2018.