As content or editorial director, you’re always looking for inspiring content ideas to make your audience click to and read the next article (and then the next, and the next…). And it all starts with a great content strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favourite content strategies from the world’s leading food publishers to get you inspired.

From expert advice to casual podcast conversations, these publishers know how to personalize content to their specific audience segments to make their content more appealing!

1. Epicurious: Expert Advice

Epicurious: Expert Advice

Content strategy

Epicurious’ Expert advice section is filled with tips on how to shop, how to cook, how to choose the right sauce, but our favourite bit is a whole inspiring section on the future of cooking.

From the history of cooking and how it might evolve to be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly to weird ingredients we might all need to add to our kitchen cabinets and fridges (such as crickets), each article has an engaging and unique story to tell.


Figure out what your audience is interested in and build articles around the topic to boost SEO and drive more engagement on your recipe website. Look at the trends around the connected kitchen and personalized nutrition for inspiration.

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2. Chowhound: News section

Chowound: News Section

Content strategy

Chowhound’s news section is filled with articles on food trends, entertaining articles, spotlights and more to keep their audiences coming back. Sometimes the best place to look for content ideas is frequently asked questions.


Create a list of questions that your audience keeps asking. Then answer. If you’re not sure what those questions might be, check sites like Quora to get inspired.

3. BBC Good Food: Tapping into niche audiences with their health & nutrition section

BBC Good Food

Content strategy

BBC Good Food does a great job of segmenting their audience and personalizing articles and recipes for each segment. In this example, it is not only about the recipes – they provide simple guides for marathon runners to help them prepare for the big day as well.


Create audience segments and personalize the experience for each segment. Go a step further and test new audience segments to expand your reach.

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4. Olive Magazine

OIlive Magazine: Taste tests

Content strategy

An awesome and fun section on the Olive Magazine website helps their audience find the best flavors to match their taste buds. The “Taste tests” section is simple yet very helpful and entertaining.


We all know how challenging it can be to find the perfect ingredient or flavor that you might like. Is there a similar problem that your audience is struggling to solve? Dig deep and find something that you can answer on your website to engage your audience even more.

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5. Food52: Burnt Podcast

Food52: Burnt Podcast

Content strategy

From food culture to surprising facts about the food we eat every day, the Burnt podcast covers topics foodies can listen to at breakfast or their way to work.


Test different content formats to see which one will resonate the best with your audience. Leading busy lives means we all have less time to sit down and read, so podcasts have become popular as they allow us to multitask while still soaking in all the information we wouldn’t have otherwise.


Recipe publishers are finding creative ways to engage their audiences and build a loyal community around their content. If your recipe website is still only about the recipes, you may want to try spicing up your content.Ready to create more engaging food experiences?

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