Cadbury’s eggs go straight in the basket. Cadbury’s agency Elvis Comms chooses Whisk to power Cadbury’s Easter campaign.


Turning a great idea for an Easter campaign into one that can directly drive sales and ROI is a challenge for any brand – whether you have an in-house team or a creative marketing agency to help.

Cadbury’s had a fun campaign idea for Easter campaign to help ‘Easter Bunnies” create exciting Easter egg hunts for kids. While downloading and printing assets was easy, they wanted to make it easy for hunt organisers to order all the goodies they’d need online at the click of a button.

At the same time, Cadbury’s wanted to support their customers and retail partners by driving sales at their stores rather than competing with a direct to consumer e-commerce solution.

The problem was, how to help hunt-organisers create shopping lists for all their hunt options while leveraging all of Cadbury’s amazing Easter recipes and brand website to create a fully integrated brand experience at a key occasion for chocolate.


Whisk stepped in to help and was quickly and easily able to apply its technology to the challenge. We created add-to-list buttons for each of the 6 different “easter bundles” and all the Cadbury’s products required to create the perfect Easter Egg hunt.

Whisk integrated all Cadbury’s Easter recipes, and landing pages on Cadbury’s brand website which helped bring the whole creative idea to life.

Connecting every campaign message directly to a purchase opportunity gave the campaign a commercial edge over previous and competitor campaigns.

More importantly, it was a helpful feature to simplify the planning of a memorable family event for all those busy ‘bunnies’.

Opportunities to drive brand affinity in this way aren’t common and Whisk’s technology was a key enabler that was quick and reliable.

Key results

  • Add-To-List Functionality For 6 Different “Bundles” Of Easter Goodies
  • Of Recipe Ingredients Viewed Accurately Match US Grocery Products
  • Whisk Customised UX Delivered Within A Month Of Agreement