AI food+wine pairing sold by Ad House to global spirits leader Diageo. Premium digital ad sales house Ad2One used Whisk to power global-first wine advertising deal.


Brancott aimed to build awareness of its premium Estate and Flight Range wines and drive traffic to a campaign landing page on their site.


Whisk collaborated with leading wine sommeliers to develop a wine-pairing algorithm that matches the distinct flavours in each recipe with an ideal wine.

Using Whisk’s wine proprietary recommendation engine, Brancott wines were paired alongside more than 150 popular fish, beef and chicken recipes. Over the two-month campaign, which displayed 450,000 Brancott wine recommendations, the brand raised awareness of three of its premium wines, each perfect for pairing with home-cooked meals. The campaign also aimed to understand the times of day, days of the week, and the types of recipe content that drive user engagement with the Brancott website.

Whisk was able to deliver a very complex and innovative campaign that was flexible enough to be updated in real-time providing a streamlined, holistic experience for the consumer.

— Graeme Stirling, Head of Sales Innovation, Ad2One


  • Achieve CTRs 500% higher than average
  • 450k wine pairings served over 2 month period on thousands of recipes.
  • 2x engagement improvement through machine learning refinement
  • Saturday & Monday between 4-6 pm saw highest engagement. The Pinot Noir pairing was clicked the most.