Recipes featuring Aldi’s Super Six fruit and veg every fortnight attracted 2.2m monthly views through Whisk units and drove traffic directly into store with Whisk’s smart offline shopping list.


Aldi had 6 products on “Super Six” seasonal fruit and veg that run every two weeks at super low prices.

As big footfall drivers, Aldi wanted to feature them natively in recipes that specifically used each product to cut through to present the offers at times where customers would be most receptive.


Whisk identified the best recipes to reach millions of eyeballs and inserted Aldi native ad units in the heart of the content.

For example, salad recipes featured 49p vine tomatoes.

When consumers printed or emailed shopping lists messaging appeared here too – following the consumer along the path to purchase.


  • 2.2m adverts displayed across recipes over 4 weeks.
  • 10x CTR rates achieved