World’s largest brewer ABInbev hire Whisk to create AI-powered beer and food pairings. Beer paired to 25,000 recipes 1.8m times to drive key learnings.

Discover interest of consumers when beer is Intelligently Paired with food. Understand which Solutions. Features, and Design choices yield the highest engagement rates.


Whisk worked with beer pairing experts to develop algorithms. Ten different recommendation units were designed, run over 3 months on

Whisk and ABInBev collaborated to present a widget on that matches different beers from the ABInBev range with recipes on the Allrecipes site.

Two types of beer Recommendation Units were created for the test: a standalone ‘Beer Widget,’ and a series of WhiskAds that sit alongside the existing ‘Add to list’ widget on Allrecipes’ UK site. Two beers, Leffe and Stella Artois, were selected from the AB InBev range to trial on the widgets during the campaign.


  • Displayed 1.8m beer recommendations across over 25,000 recipes
  • Tested 5 design variants with two beers, determining best performing beer, data and design