Whisk for Shopify

Customers using Whisk’s Recipe Content Platform can easily publish recipes to their Shopify-powered website using the Whisk Shopify Recipe App.

Increase recipe engagement

Recipes created with Whisk are optimized for formatting, nutritional information, labeling and search – making recipes more discoverable and relevant to your customers.

Connect recipes to action

Inspire customers via delicious recipes using your products and make it easy for them to save for later.

Make recipes shoppable

Connect seamlessly to leading global grocers so users can shop for your recipe ingredients directly from your page.


What are the ways I can use Whisk and Shopify integration?

Shopify integration allows you to automatically publish your Whisk recipes into your Shopify store. You can also synchronize products from your Shopify account to Whisk so that they are available to add them as an ingredient into the recipe.

How does Whisk and Shopify integration work?

With Whisk and Shopify integration, your Whisk recipes will automatically become available in Shopify. You can edit recipes only inside Whisk Platform. Any time you make a recipe change in our platform, that change will be reflected in the Shopify recipes. Note that if you choose to synchronize Shopify products, it will be read-only in Whisk. All your old and new Shopify products will be synchronized automatically.

How to get started with Whisk and Shopify integration?

The Whisk recipe app is available on the Shopify app store but requires a license for Whisk’s Recipe Content Management Platform. Contact us to get started.