Looking for Yummly API Replacement?


Yummly API replacement

Yummly is shutting down its Recipe API but don’t despair; Whisk’s APIs can do everything you used Yummly for and much more.

Users looking for the best recipe API to power their platforms can find out all about Whisk’s Graph API’s extensive food, recipe and nutrition capabilities.

We can also make content shoppable with this simple SDK.


What is Whisk?

Watch the video below to learn how leading food companies are using Whisk to power their food applications.



Whisk’s Food GenomeTM maps the world’s food ingredients, their relationships, their properties (nutrition, perishability, flavour, categories) and food purchase options. Whisk drives accurate, smart results at scale thanks to the combination of deep ontological understanding of food with massive data about user behaviour.


Top 3 Ways to Leverage Whisk’s API

From advanced search to personalised recipe feeds and meal planners, Whisk’s APIs got you covered.

Here are the top 3 ways to leverage Whisk’s food and recipe API.

  • Build advanced shopping lists and connect into grocery eCommerce stores. If you’re looking for a way to power your native mobile app, Whisk’s API can help.


  • Build smart features such as meal planners, advanced search and enrich your recipe content. Whisk’s rich and connected recipe data helps you to build apps with ease and our database of nutrition and new tags helps you enrich your recipe content automatically.

  • Personalise recipe experiences. Personalisation is made easy with Whisk’s personalisation and recommendation engine.



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