Whisk’s Use of AI and Our Integration with Samsung Digital Appliances – SDC Roundup

SDC Main Hall

Whisk and the Samsung NEXT product team was represented this year at SDC 2019, allowing our team to connect with developers and educate them on all the possible engaging food experiences that can be built with Whisk’s technology.

What is SDC and how Whisk participated

Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) is an annual conference that brings together thousands of developers and creators to learn about the latest development tools and explore new technologies that drive forward next generation experiences.

Our own Nick Holzherr took the stage twice during SDC 2019, once to present on ‘Connecting Food Journeys through AI and the Open Food Platform’ and again on a panel to discuss ‘Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Development for Samsung Smart Appliances.’

The value of our data

A theme woven throughout Nick’s talks and SDC as a whole was the importance of structured recipe and product data as the building block of connected food experiences for users. This occurs across many devices from inspiration, to planning, executing, enjoying, and tracking the food journey. Whisk uses deep learning-based natural language processing to create structured data across dishes and recipes, mapping ingredients by popularity, diet, allergies, perishability, flavor, store availability, and nutrition profile.

Additionally, Whisk helps our customers understand their users’ behaviors and preferences, whether in regards to convenience, cost, taste, or health, and carries this information across platforms and applications for seamless experiences anywhere along the food journey.

How Samsung digital appliances supports the food journey

No matter where a user is across the food journey, Samsung devices are the key connector. Food inspiration and meal planning occurs via mobile phone, voice assistant, and television, cooking and enjoying occurs via Family Hub™ refrigerators and Smart ovens, and tracking a meal occurs on smart watches or on the Samsung Health food tracking app. Collectively, all of these touchpoints support Whisk’s vision of a simplified and integrated path from inspiration to food on the table.

The word of a hackathon spreads

In addition to sharing how Whisk’s technology and Samsung’s hardware powers engaging food experiences, we also announced some exciting news for developers. We’ll be hosting a Whisk Hackathon February 21st – 23rd 2020 to invite developers to help us build meaningful experiences across the food journey. We’ll share more details on how to participate soon. Stay tuned.


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