Whisk Launches AI-Powered Sponsored Product Platform To Drive ROI For CPG Brands And Grocers


Sponsored Product Platform uses precision targeting and AI to promote products that create a personalized experience for consumers and leads to higher conversion for brands

We’re excited to introduce Sponsored Products, a platform offering CPG brands and grocery retailers a new way to maximize their sales.

The new platform offers CPG brands and grocery retailers the ability to maximize sales by assisting their users’ grocery planning with useful product suggestions across the shopping journey from the point of recipe inspiration to the point of purchase.


What Are Sponsored Products?

Whisk Launches Sponsored Product Platform
Sponsored Products use precision targeting powered by Food AI to promote individual products in recipe and food content across 500 million monthly recipe impressions. Whisk’s Food AI leverages millions of data points about every ingredient in the world, its relationship to other ingredients, as well as each ingredient’s nutritional value, when it perishes, what it costs, and where to buy it.

Whisk’s Food AI has powered experiences for the world’s largest retailers, publishers, CPG brands and health companies since 2012. We’ve recently combined this with the scale of the Open Food Platform to connect the experience and bring together many parts of the food ecosystem, leading to higher conversion for all.


Why Sponsored Products?

According to research from the Retail Industry Leaders Association and Accenture, the majority of consumers (63%) want more personalized, immersive, and seamless shopping experiences and recommendations. Consumers are also willing to share their data in return for something they value, with 53% saying they are interested in special offers for items that interest them.

Consumers seek personalization and a frictionless experience while brands and retailers are looking for higher ROI. Whisk Sponsored Products influence the path to purchase by only serving relevant and useful product information that complements rather than interrupts the shopping experience. Detailed analytics help brands and retailers control their marketing spend and measure ROI.


Features and Benefits of Sponsored Products

  • Target with precision using Whisk’s Food AI: Serve highly targeted and relevant product information to users based on featured ingredients, cuisines, wine pairings, and more.
  • Reach new audiences: Reach hundreds of millions of highly engaged shoppers throughout their shopping journeys via our Open Food Platform, providing access to everyone from recipe and food publishers to IoT companies.
  • Connect inspiration to purchase: Measure marketing ROI and connect the dots between awareness and conversion, whether online or offline.

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