Whisk is adding new features to our shopping list tool to grow conversions & engagement for our partners and help millions of users save time on meal planning and grocery shopping.

Convenience and collaboration are becoming increasingly important for digital natives. Whisk wanted to provide a simpler solution to help users manage their lists and collaborate in ways they find most convenient.

Improving List Management With Normalised and Combined Ingredients

Combined Ingredients

Combines similar ingredients from multiple recipes into single ingredients minimizing time and effort to edit lists. Users can forget about manually combining ingredients from different lists into a comprehensive one. Whisk shopping list works for them.

We identify similar ingredients and automatically combine them into one item within shopping list and add to basket. We show an arrow icon indicating combined items. Users can tap on the item and “Split ingredients” to un-combine them.

Normalised Ingredients

Whisk has simplified the way ingredients are displayed by providing values that are intuitive for users of our shopping list.

We parse and structure ingredient text on the shopping list (item name, quantity, unit). Comments (e.g. finely chopped) do not appear on the list, only within the ‘item card’. The ‘item card’ (editing view) opens by tapping anywhere on the item. This allows users to edit item details.

Saving Time With More Ways To Plan And Shop

Users can take advantage of multiple ways to share and collaborate on the list.

  • Copy link to list: A new way for users to retrieve and access their list, available from the update “Send” menu at the bottom of the shopping list.
  • Send list by SMS: Users can send a text message with a link to their shopping list.
  • Invite people to share list: Users can send an email to other people inviting them to collaborate on the list (view and edit).

Users can also see which users have access to their list and disable link access (sharing) which will remove all other users.

Whisk mission is to help people make smarter food choices by providing intuitive and easy to use solution for users by enabling them to go from inspiration to purchase and eating and cooking in just a couple of clicks. Watch out for the new features we’ll be releasing in the next couple of weeks!

Our goal is to help our partners grow conversions and engagement which is why the additions to the shopping list tool are automatically available for all of our current partners.