Discovery Makes Their Recipes Shoppable Across 4 Food Websites and “In the Kitchen” App Thanks To Whisk


Discovery, the global leader in real-life entertainment, has partnered with Whisk to make over half a million recipes shoppable across their food category of digital products, including Food Network, Cooking Channel, Genius Kitchen, Spoon University, and the Food Network “In the Kitchen” app.

More than 48 million unique monthly visitors of these food sites will now be able to create a shopping list and purchase ingredients from a recipe at their grocery store of choice.


“Making recipes shoppable is a great way to help our customer value for our users by simplifying the path from inspiration to purchase. We are always looking for ways to solve problems for our visitors and make meal time decisions easier, and Whisk is a great addition to our suite of solutions.”
-Liesel Kipp, SVP of Product and Design at Discovery Digital Studios

Discovery makes their recipes shpopable with Whisk

Whisk uses advanced deep learning technology to match consumers’ grocery shopping preferences with over 2 million recipes from leading publishers, simplifying meal planning for millions of homes.


“We’re thrilled to be working with Discovery, an innovative, global leader in the food space. With our shared vision of creating smarter food experiences and bringing increased value to consumers and brands, our ability to build innovative experiences together to drive engagement and revenue is just beginning.”
– Larisa Sheckler, CCO of

Creating a seamless journey from inspiration to purchase is a challenge that many food companies face. As the technology moves rapidly, having an experienced partner can prove to be a quicker and more sustainable way to build lasting solutions than investing in an in-house team to create everything from scratch.

Whisk was founded in 2012. Our Food GenomeTM technology helps leading food companies across the world to build seamless food experiences.

Get in touch now to learn how Whisk can help you increase engagement, build loyal audience, and increase revenue with AI.

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