Whisk on Slack

Discover and share recipes, browse your saved recipe box, and quickly add items to your shopping list.

Discover new recipes

Discover new recipes

Use /whisk-search pasta to discover your favorite recipes by ingredients or name.

Share your recipes

Use /whisk-recipe grandma to find your grandma’s recipes you saved and want to cook!

Save recipes to recipe box

Save to recipe box

Save recipes shared by coworkers right into your Whisk account.


What are the commands?

The main commands include:
/whisk-search discover new recipe recommendations, try a command like /whisk-search stir fry
/whisk-recipe view a list of your saved recipes or find a specific recipe in your recipe box, try a command like /whisk-recipe bolognese
/whisk-list view what items are on your shopping list
/whisk-add add an item to your shopping list, try a command like /whisk-add bread
/whisk-register create a Whisk account or login to your existing account
/whisk-help get help and view other available commands

How do I log into my Whisk account to view my saved recipes and shopping list?

If you try the /whisk-recipe , /whisk-list , or /whisk-add commands, you’ll be prompted to register or login to Whisk. Simply click “register” and you’ll be prompted to either create a free Whisk account or login to your existing account. Alternatively, you can type the command /whisk-register to create an account or login to your Whisk account.

When adding an item to my shopping list, how can I specify the item quantity?

To add an item and its quantity to your shopping list, use the command /whisk-add followed by the ingredient name and ingredient quantity. For example, if you want to add 2 tomatoes to your shopping list, try /whisk-add tomatoes 2 .

Whisk suggested a recipe that I don’t like, how can I find other recipes?

If you try a command like /whisk-search pasta and you don’t like the dish that was recommended, simply press “shuffle” to receive a different recipe recommendation or try another command like /whisk-search ravioli if you’re looking for something more specific.

How can I share recipes with others?

Use one of the commands to either discover a new recipe /whisk-search or find a saved recipe from your recipe box /whisk-recipe. After you enter the command, a recipe will display along with the option to share it. Simply click the “share” button.