We are on a mission to make cooking more joyful.

Whisk is the ultimate cooking app for recipe saving, meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe sharing. With Whisk, you can save, plan, shop, and cook the recipes you love, while also discovering new recipes through Whisk Communities.

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  • Whisk is a free recipe app which helps thousands of users around the globe to organize their recipes, shop for ingredients and share food experiences with friends and family.
  • Whisk is integrated with some of the world’s largest recipe sites like FoodNetwork, and recently launched a partnership with TikTok.
  • Whisk has a 4.8 star rating on both iOS and Android stores, was included in Google Play’s Best of 2020 Everyday Essentials, has been featured on the Apple app store numerous times, and was nominated for a 2021 Webby Award. 

History of Whisk


Whisk launched an international version and was featured by Apple all over the world. We launched a Meal Planning feature and a new recipe builder. One of the big milestones was a partnership with TikTok which was launched to general public in November, 2021.

How to link to recipes on TikTokHow to link to recipes on TikTok

In 2021 Whisk focused on adding more social features to it’s recipe & food experience. We launched Community conversations, user profiles with followers, brand new Home Feed, likes & reviews for recipes and much more. First time in history Whisk truly feels like a community of like-minded people and not just a recipe book and utility app.

We also had a great time during a mini-retreat on Cyprus in December.

Part of Whisk Team on Cyprus Meetup


We launched a brand new communities experience. Whisk started to making recipes a social experience and not just utilitarian one.

The team invested heavily into improving the users experience. Whisk app was launched across Samsung hardware – initially on Samsung Smart Things and the Family Hub smart fridge.

Press coverage of Whisk grew – with reviews from top tech journalists.

Whisk has a 4.8 star rating on both iOS and Android stores, was included in Google Play’s Best of 2020 Everyday Essentials, has been featured on the Apple app store numerous times, and was nominated for a 2021 Webby Award.


Whisk was acquired by Samsung NEXT.

Whisk team expanded to over 100 with centres in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Seoul, St. Petersburg and Birmingham (HQ). 9 months later, Whisk powered Samsung’s new food experience at CES 2020.

“An updated app from smart food platform Whisk wants to cut down on the hassle by turning your saved recipes into shopping lists for you. You can share those lists across devices, or use them to order groceries online.”

CNET, Alison DeNisco Rayome

The recipe site clutter has gotten so bad, it’s gained media attention and outcry from users. And while many people today still pin recipes they like to Pinterest, I’ve personally gotten so fed up with the mess, that I’ve taken to just copying the recipe text and a photo into Apple Notes instead. Whisk, however, has me reconsidering my current system.

TechCrunch, Sarah Perez


We started powering more and more players across the world. By 2019, Whisk powered 0.5bn monthly recipe impressions across some of the largest recipe players in the world. Also, Samsung became a large partner of Whisk

Whisk also counted 45 of the largest grocery retailers as customers, including Scripps, Kroger, Harris Teeter. 

Introduces a lot of new features, including:

  • Nutrition data
  • Health Score, GI/GL
  • Whisk SDK

Whisk acquired Avocando, a German competitor. Chris Marx (CEO of Avocando) joined Whisk to lead expansion of Whisk across global markets. 

The team had grown to 30 people now, we had retreat #4 in Lisbon. Whisk went through rebranding.


Whisk v3 & iOS app v3 launched.

Whisk turned into a fully-distributed team. We had always worked with team members from around the world but the decision was made to allow anyone to work from anywhere. 

The team also started holding annual “retreats” – the first one in Budapest. Subsequent retreats were held in Prague, Madrid, Lisbon and Florence. 

More publishers and retailers join Whisk:

  • BBC Good Food contract signed
  • Walmart launched on Whisk too
  • Pillsbury integrated into Whisk network
Whisk was becoming a well-known brand in the UK. In 2017 Nick met the Queen, Prince Charles and their children Harry and William in an attempt to convince them use Whisk apps for the Buckingham Palace.


iPhone and Android Whisk apps launched! Started working with some of the largest food brands in the space:

  • Food Network
  • 13 Global Allrecipes.com sites
  • CPG brands like McCormick
  • Health brands like Ascensia and NHS groups

Whisk started to build integration with Samsung FamilyHub. First advertising platform was launched: WhiskAds. Schwartz (McCormick UK) was the first advertiser.

The first Whisk iPhone app.


Nick Holzherr, founder & Head of Product, Whisk

Nick Holzherr originally presented the idea of Whisk to Lord Sugar in the final of the BBC Apprentice 2012. Even though he didn’t win, 7.35 million viewers watched the final episode, making the show one of the most popular in England. It was enough to get the necessary attention from the media and potential investors.

“It’s achievable, I get that. But so’s sending a man to the Moon. What are we going to get out of it at the end? Who could be bothered with it?”

Lord Sugar of the Apprentice, speaking about Nick Holzherr’s plan

The first investment round was raised and allowed Whisk to have the first office opened in Birmingham UK. Development was started with a small team.

Early prototypes of Whisk were created by founders Nick Holzherr and Craig Edmunds. Viktor Taranenko later joined as the first hired developer and quickly became CTO of Whisk. The UK food blogging and foodie community helped shape the first product through lots of feedback. The first food bloggers integrated Whisk on their blogs.

Whisk received a large amount of media coverage from leading UK newspaper, magazine and industry press.